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  • hidegeloetelek

    Organic beef tartare, fresh vegetables  2.150,-
    Foie Gras paté served over crunchy gingerbread, raspberry coulis, organic onion jam 2.150,-
    A duo of goose liver and organic mangalitsa with cucumber cream and walnut mayonnaise 1.950,-

    Organic appetizer plate from „Hubai” Estate                                              (Organic mangalitsa pork cracklings, smoked sausage, salami, fresh vegetables)

  • levesek

    Organic beef broth with liver dumplings seasoned with marjoram 1.300,-
    Guinea-forol broth with gingered Matzah balls and organic vegetables 1.600,-
    Good Hungarian organic beef Goulash soup with homemade dumplings 1.600,-
    Jókai's organic bean soup with sour cream 1.600,-
    Cheddar cheese cream soup with crunchy corn 1.400,-
    Porcini soup with roasted garlic and roasted mushrooms 1.100,-
    Rhubarb raspberry soup with pistachio crumbs and vanilla ice cream 1.250,-
  • tesztaetelek

    MAIN COURSE                                                                                           HUF
    Organic beef chump with goose liver roast, ratatouille cream and string pea  4.100,-
    Organic beef Stroganoff chump with porcini and konyak 3.500,-
    Organic pork fillet with mignon dried tomato eggplant sauce 2.750,-
    Organic pork fillet wrapped in bacon filled with parenyica 2.550,-
    Confitted organic mangalitza clod with onion varieties, sausage crumbs (onion jam, Lyon onion and marinated pale onion) 2.450,-
    Chicken breast marinated in buttermilk with fried tomato, thawed mozzarella and basil pesto 2.350,-
    Skin roasted homestead supreme pullet breast with pepper sauce 2.350,-
    Corn flakes breaded chicken breast marinated in seasoned sour cream with cheddar dips 2.150,-
    Duck breast fried in rose form with cabbage cream, red wined pear and seasoned gravy 2.850,-
    Ovened, rosemary seasoned lamb shank with grilled heart salad 4.300,-
    Skin roasted salmon waist with minted pea puree and Sun-Dried tomatoes 2.850,-
    Crusted pike-pearch chorizo roasted in brown butter 2.750,-
    Salmon gnocchi 2.150,-
    Nimród organic burger with coslow salad and seasoned steak potato 1.900,-
  • gyermeketlap

    Fried chicken thigh 450,-
    Organic french fries with home-made grated cheese 750,-
    Fish fingers with sesame seed 1.200,-
    Organic Spaghetti Milanese 1.500,-
    Organic Spaghetti Bolognese 1.550.-
  • vegetarianusetelek

    Globes (mozzarella, gnocchi, organic cherry tomatoes) 1.800,-
    Risotto with mushroom and baby spinach 1.800,-
    Pasties filled with spinach and ricotta cheese with fried organic garlic flavored tomato dip  1.500,-
    Grilled smoked organic tofu and elderberry vinaigrette with fresh salad 1.650,-
  • onalloeskevertsalatak

    Young salad with smoked duck breast shavings and marinated mushrooms  1.950,-
    Caesar salad with grilled or breaded chicken 1.950,-
    Caesar salad with roasted garlic seasoned crab 1.950,-
    Fresh, crispy organic salad with full grained chips and poached eggs 1.450,-
    Organic greek salad with feta 1.650,-
    Organic french fries 750,-
    Organic jasmine rice 450,-
    Organic boiled potetoes 350,-
    Organic mashed potatoes 450,-
    Organic potato ruccola 500,-
    Smoked mashed organic potatoes 500,-
    Organic seasoned steak potatoes 500,-
    Lardy, baked potatoes with onions 600,-
    Organic potatoes layered with truffle 850,-
    Stirced organic potato 450,-
    Organic potato roundel 500,-
    Organic grilled vegetables 950,-
    Organic crisped potatoes 1.200,-
    Organic dumplings 350,-
    Organic egg dumplings 450,-
    Organic sour cream bacon dumplings 650,-
    Organic homemade laska with cottage cheese and sour cream 700,-
    Risotto 550,-
    Dilled gnocchi with sour cream 850,-
  • savanyusagok

    Apple pepper soaked in vinegar 350,-
    Organic pickles 350,-
    Mixed salad 350,-
    Organic tomato salad 650,-
    Organic cucumber salad 550,-
    Pepperoni 350,-
    Peppers stuffed with cabbage 390,-
    Organic cabbage salad 350,-
    Beetroot salad 600,-
  • desszertek

    Delicacy of Somlói (in cup) 700,-

    Baked cheese cake with raspberry and salty caramel

    (Made from gluten-, and lactose free ingredients)

    Vanilla Mille- feuille with organic apple sauce 800,-
    Tiramisu 800,-

    Mascarpone creme with berries and oat crusts 

    (Made from gluten-, and lactose free ingredients)

    Organic pancake Gundel style 650,-
    Pancake with poppy-seed cream 650,-
    Pancake with nugat 650,-
    Organic pancake with cottage cheese filling and fruits 650,-
    Pancake with jam 400,-